Baby Bath Wash Shower Cap


Why use a shampoo cap?
1.When water enters the baby’s ear, it can cause infection and inflammation.
2.Foam enters the eye will increase the risk of eye diseases.
3.Baby will cry and resist bathing due to Sewage flows into the mouth.
This product allows children to wash their hair and not cry, let the children wash their hair into a pleasure.



1) Adjustable head circumference size, Head circumference can be used above 15 inches, Suitable for head size : 15-24in(38-60cm),suitable for children under 0-6 years old. In addition to better eye protection, the product also designed a protective ear function. It is more suitable for children to use. When children bathe, do not worry that water will enter his eyes and ears.
2) Wearing Method: Drying hair is wearing a shower cap, Because silicone itself is flexible, be sure to tighten. Angle is inclined 35-45 degrees, the soft part of the hat is close to the skin, do not mix the hair, then fasten it to rinse.
3) Waterproof Effect: All head circumference parts are made of silica gel, elastic, soft and comfortable, and waterproof effect is super.


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