Bird Feeder


Offering maximum protection against squirrels and maximum comfort for your favorite birds, this Squirrel-Be-Gone Max Pinecone Bird Feeder is the feeder you’ve been searching for. It includes our patented Flexports, which offer 5-in-1 benefits for birds and you. The unique design is 4X more shake resistant than standard ports so there’s less seed waste – which means money saved and fewer messes on the ground! The design also allows birds to feed at an optimal position outside of the port, offering improved visibility so they feel safer and visit feeders longer. There’s more birdwatching time for you! The six feeding stations also boast multi-height perches to accommodate birds both large and small.


Holds up to 1.75 lb of mixed seed, black-oil sunflower seed, or safflower seed.
Seed Shield activates under a squirrel’s weight to prevent access to ports.
Six feeding stations with Flexports prevent seed spillage and offer comfort for birds.
Multi-height perches accommodate birds of many sizes.
Powder-coated metal cage and lid ensures durability, while twist-lock lid provides additional protection for the seed reservoir.


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