Bully Sticks


A) These Bully Sticks are durable, fully digestible, drool-worthy treats that are made with natural single ingredient beef pizzle, meaning no fillers or chemicals, just high-quality protein healthy dog treats! Our bully sticks are washed with water, then stretched and dried to preserve the nutrients and natural bully stick flavour dogs go crazy for. Thickness will vary in this all-natural product.

B) Our bully sticks come in various sizes and the total chew time will vary depending on your dog’s breed and enthusiasm. Larger sizes tend to keep dogs occupied for longer time. Choose whichever size fits your dog best!

C) As with all dog treats, pet supervision is recommended. Serve with plenty of water.



1) All-natural and only 1 ingredient: beef pizzle.
2) Naturally promotes clean teeth and healthy gums, high in protein, low in fat
Sourced from free range, grass fed beef.
3) Carefully washed and dried to preserve natural flavor.
4) Healthy chew treat available in various sizes.


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