Contour Gauge


How to use the Contour Gauge ?
Step 1: Please check whether the tightness of the gauge pins is suitable for your habits
Step 2: Adjust the pins by simply tightening or loosening the screws located at top of the gauge.
Step 3: Place the gauge next to the shape/object you want to copy. Move the individual pins to precisely copy all the corners and bends of the shape.
Step 4: Lock the contour gauge to preserve the shape you copied.
Step 5: Place the gauge on the object you want to copy and trace it with pen.
Step 6: Then follow the trace and cut the object with pin point accuracy for a professional install of your tiles, flooring or woodworking material.



1) PRECISE CONTOUR DUPLICATION GAUGE: Contour Gauge Profile Tool designed for irregular shapes, winding pipes, circular frames, ducts and many objects. Applications include but not limited to flooring, fitting tiles, laminate,carpet, checking dimensions, moulding, woodworking, winding pipes, linoleum installation, circular frames, laying carpets and wallpapers.
2) WIDEN AND LOCKING MECHANISM: This contour gauge duplicator set include 2 pack(5inch + 10 inch) contour gauge, all with wider 5inch design capable to measure depths of upto 2.5 inches. Both of them are fitted locking mechanism, once object has been contoured, lock contour gauge teeth in place, help you duplicate and transfer the shape accurately to anywhere you need.
3) PREMIUM ABS MATERIAL: The contour gauge profile tool made by durable, stable & environmentally-friendly ABS plastic, no harm for the surface of the target you want to shape and duplicate. The pins are 0.06inch wide for precise duplication of any profile.
4) ESAY TO USE: Only 4 steps, you can easily copy and transfer the shape you want: simply place it line with the shape you want to copy,move the pins individually to precisely copy the shape, then Lock the pins in place by using our locking feature and then simply transfer the shape on any object. If the pins appear to be too loose or too tight, simply adjust the screws on top of the gauge to adjust the pins.
5) EASY TO ADJUST TIGHTNESS: Our contour duplicator gauge pins can be adjusted, Simply loosen or tighten the 4 screws located on top of the gauge to adjust tightness as per your needs. You can also remove pins as per your needs to adjust the tightness.


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