Speaker Spike Set


A) Use chrome-plated pure copper, good-looking, high gloss, anti-scratches. It can be put under the speaker, or under the shock board and anti-shock frame, the sharp end point to the ground, can minimize the harmful vibration. Can eliminate the pollution between the ground and the speaker, get the pure natural sound effect. Designed with height fine-tuning balancing nut.

B) Specifications:
Color: Silver
Material: Copper
Process: Chrome-plated
Size: Approx. 11 * 60 mm / 0.43 * 2.36 in
Package Weight: About 207g

C) Package Included:
4 x Speaker Spike
4 x Base Pad
(Not including speaker)



1) QUALITY MATERIAL: Chrome-plated pure copper material for better performance, quality and durable speaker spike set.
2) GOOD FINISH: High-grade plating, beautiful, high gloss, not easy to be scratched.
3) USE: It can be put under the speaker,or under the shock board and anti – shock frame, to minimize the harmful vibration, help to keep the tones more focused and less noise.
4) WIDE APPLICATION: Suitable for HiFi speaker, speaker frame, amplifier, CD DVD player, turntable recorder, Chassis, Instrument, etc.
5) ADJUSTABLE: Designed with height fine-tuning balancing nut, able to adjust the height.


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