Sticky Notes


Tired of bookmarks falling out?
Try these Sticky Notes Page Markers instead.

Package Include:
Kraft paper: blank X1X80 sheets, stripe X 1X80 sheets, check X1X80 sheets
White: blankX1X80 sheets, stripe X1X80 sheets, checkX1X80 sheets
Size: 3 x 3 inch



Good quality:High-quality paper plus adhesive, The 3-Inchx3-Inch size is perfect for writing reminder notes to yourself. Easy to use and peel off, super sticky, can be cleaned and removed.
Easy to use: perfect size, can be carried at any time, office, home, school walls, doors, monitors or other surfaces to leave notes or reminders.
Stick securely and remove cleanly Stays put until you need to move it.
Made from 100% recyclable ingredients.


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