Trap Clips


Why choose our clamp trap clips?
1) Our clamp clips are made of high strength plastic, durable and lightweight to carry. Specially alligator mouth with tooth can clip very tight. Needs a overlocking tents or awning to clamp, easy to loosen without overlock, clamping force is limited, not fixed clamp.
2) Can bear large pulling force and not easy to loose after buckle it onto tents, small damage to the fabric. Ideal accessories for outdoor camping tent, awning, caravan etc.
3) This heavy duty Tent clips can securely hold the tarp down even the strong wind and rain, making your camping to be more perfect.
4) Rugged rope, small and portable, easy to carry. Built-in reflective wire, very light, easy to identify when camping at night, is an essential tool for outdoor camping, picnic or hiking.
5) Outdoor camping is a good activity for us to enhance relationship with family and friends, whether it is a summer camping or a winter camping.
6) Scope of application:
Outdoor camping, farm garden, caravan canopy, car cover, swimming pool cover
7) Product specifications
Product Name:Tarp Clips
Material: Nylon
Colour: Black
Length: 3.3 inches
Width: about 1 inch
Height: about 1.1 inches
Drilling diameter: about 0.3in


1) Crocodile mouth and instant anchor design: The unique toothed crocodile mouth design makes the teeth more stable. The round hole at the rear end can also be connected to any standard bungee cord, rope or rope. (With reflective tent rope) Even if it is a strong storm, it is safer to prevent the tarpaulin from falling.
2) High-quality patented product: The trap clip is made of high-strength nylon material, which is waterproof, weatherproof, tear resistant, light weight and durable. Bolted for excellent bite force, connection and heavy load.
3) Easy to install: Simply use the camping clips by tightening or loosening the screw knob to provide excellent clamping pressure control without damaging the fabric.
4) Super reflective rope: The tent cord is made of polyester and is very strong and will not break or tear and can withstand high tensile strength. Super reflective, highly visible, fluorescing in the dark or at night.
5) Widely used: Fixtures and tent ropes are ideal for outdoor camping tents, awnings, caravans, tarpaulins, canvas, awnings, boat covers, swimming pool covers, temporary shelters or any fabric covering that requires additional support points.


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