Yellow Sticky Traps


A Good Life Should be Live in Harmony with Nature Where there are plants and fruit, there are always many little tiny flies.Bright yellow color can easily attract flying insects, dual-sided long-lasting adhesive, traps the insects more effectively.Made from non-toxic material, high and low temperature resistant and waterproof, use indoors and outdoors with no negative effect on the environment.


1)【What You Will Get】15Pcs 9.4×2 Inches yellow dual-sided sticky traps (you can cut it in any size or shape) + 6 pcs plastic holders + 15pcs twist ties. Specially designed for flying plant pests that like yellow color and easily trap them.
2)【Attractive Yellow Sticky Traps】Guaranteed to keep your indoor and outdoor plants free from flying pest.Insect sticky traps great for capturing aphids, leaf miners, fungus gnats, thrips, white flies, midges.
3)【Long-lasting】With a solid adhesive on both sides, they are UV resistant and waterproof — no need to replace them until fully covered with bugs, just place them in houseplants, or hang on the branches.
4)【Safe Material】Gnat traps are made of non-toxic material,safe and durable,controlling pests in a more ECO friendly and economical way. Sticky traps can be used for a long time until completely covered with insects.
5)【Widely Application】Suitable for garden, farm,greenhouse,melon field and orchard to protect your flower,plants,vegetables and fruits.


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