Who are we?

We sell convenience accessories, which you probably wouldn’t notice often, but they are making your life a lot easier. Our accessories are providing you ease of living and a sense of not having to worry about that specific aspect again. We are a company trying to contribute a small part in making your life better. We talk about value not only in numbers but in terms of the contentment we bring to our consumers.

 Our Leadership:

From the beginning, our focus has remained to gather the best around us. The leadership at MongoMingie Traders is not limited to business only, we have entrepreneurial spirit, philanthropy, social responsibility and human capacity development as our attributes on board amongst our directors.

Global Ethics and Compliance:

Our compliance cell makes sure to comply with the global causes of Consumer Protection, Safety, environment and responsible sourcing. We don’t believe in earning good while doing bad to someone.


We are currently operating in Canada and USA, but we still have good news for you if you are reading this from another part of the world. We are soon expanding to Australia and Middle eastern Countries.